A web site: more than just a business card

With a web site, you not only present your organisation on internet, you also deal with all sorts of business processes, at least, if you approach it the smart way. Automated processing of bookings (i-Reserve). Offering courses and lessons via i-Learning (Joomla LMS) or selling products through a web shop, for example. Whatever you want a site to do for you, Teqa develops, installs and maintains practical internet tools and web applications to help you save time, boost profits and make life easier for you and your clients.

Joomla, a personal CMS

We, as web builders, work with the content management system Joomla. That offers the huge advantage of being licence-free, so you have a costless basis. That basis is constantly being improved and extended with new modules by the world-wide community of developers. There are now hundreds of those extensions. Teqa is familiar with pretty much all of them, and can advise you on which are useful for your site. A suitable module for what you want doesn't exist? Then we'll just make it ourselves!

SEO: it's all about findability

Once you have a web site that meets all your demands, you then naturally want visitors too. And since most of those visitors will come to you through that search engine, you can't avoid Google. As we work on the web sites, we take Google requirements into consideration. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has both technical and content aspects. When you have a Teqa web site with copy-writing by our partner Kiezel Communication, then you can be sure that all requirements have been met.

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